Who are the Mackne Voice Providers?

At the beginning of 2009, two friends got together and thought about the idea of an UTAU group based on the iPod series by the company Apple. During this time, the idea of Mackne Kioshi & Mackne Kyou were being put together, but because of school the two were put on hold until InochiPM met a new friend in high school who he got together with and made Mackne Sae & Mackne Sai. The twins of light blue hair based on iPod Nano Touch.

Original drawing from 2009
Original drawing from 2009
Sae & Sai's Original Sketch

In the latter half of 2010, they began to record Sae & Sai. shortly after Mackne Sae was fully recorded marking her ACT1. However, before long disaster  struck and Sai's ACT1 was accidentally removed from the Mac they were using to record and had to be recorded again.

In the first half of 2011, InochiPM & KazukoP had two new ideas for additional family members named Mackne Mama & Mackne Neneki. Mama is the mother of the family, and Neneki is the youngest child in the family. Kyou is the oldest sibling and Kioshi is the second oldest. Around this time, they found someone to record the voice of Kioshi, one of their best friends. Her name was Amatsu.

Shortly after creating Mama and Neneki, the recording started for Mama's first VB by a friend known as Akiame-san. She also went to record for a character named Momo, many younger versions of Mama.

Neneki, however was namemed in late 2013 and voiced by a person under the name of Mika from DeviantArt. She hasn't been sad about her voice since her contact with her in early 2014.

If Neneki had a voice bank, only a few fin the family had voiebanks. then Kyou received a voice from Akime-san's friend named Austin.


In the second half of 2013, we added a character to the family called Mackne Mimi. She was introduced as a family of a younger generation, but much older than Kioshi.

After Kyou got his first voice bank, he began preparing for a major update at the end of 2015, until he added his father to a family named Mackne Naga, and he impersonated a voice provider. Because there is a problem to do.

After the family was completed, some additional / minor character additions were documented and revealed. The two future twins, such as the Mackne wewe sisters and a family secretary, lawyer named Mackne Reko. Finally Mackne Ryoma is the son of Kioshi from the future.

In mid-2016 they joined together to launch a new VX project. This project has upgraded all current and previous voice banks with all new designs for the family. The postponement is one before the start of 2017, which is Mackne Sai rePAX.

From then on, as of late 2017, updates for the whole family are slowly coming in, and their art is first voiced.

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