ソフトウェア使用許諾契約 (Software Licensing Contract)

This Software License Agreement (hereinafter “Agreement”) is a product that includes "Mackne Family" and related printed materials, media, electronic documents, etc. (hereinafter “Product”)  as a contract for use. The Mackne Family Production Committee (hereinafter "rights holder") grants the user a copy of the Product based on the provisions of this Agreement.

The right holder licenses the Product only if the user who purchases the Product or license agrees to all the terms of this Agreement.

Article 1: (License of product and its scope)


When using this product, the user must pay the specified usage fee to the right holder in a legitimate manner. Unless otherwise specified, the payment of the royalties shall normally be completed with the purchase of the product.


The right holder authorizes the user to use this product. You may make and use copies of the product in any number of computer storage media that are specifically intended for your use only.

Users can use this product as a material for producing audio and video works, and distribute the work via media such as CDs and DVDs and the Internet.

The right holder shall separately set usage guidelines when users use this product.

Article 2: (Scope of use)

older in advance, regardless of commercial or non-commercial use, when using this product for the purpose or form specified below. The right holder may provide additional fees if deemed necessary.


When the use of this product itself does not accompany the work itself, such as voice guides, ringtones for mobile/landline telephones, built-in sounds of electronic devices, and research and development accompanying them.

When the location where this product is used in the work can be received as if a person other than the character or a virtual character is playing.

Use in a form that is not fixed as a work, such as a karaoke service or voice generation service.

When installed in a company, commercial facility, educational institution, etc., and the user uses it on a computer that is not limited to individuals.

Development and use of games and applications.

Article 3: (Prohibitions)


The user shall not use the product to perform the acts specified below.


Unless otherwise provided by exceptional provisions, rent, transfer, resell, or publicly transmit the Product in whole or in part in any manner.

Distribute this product unprocessed. Or, convert the format and distribute this product.

Contravene laws and public order and morals.

Damage or give detriment to the honor, personality, credibility, etc. of the right holder and its related persons and third parties.


Violate the provisions of this Agreement;

Article 4: (Authority of right holder)


All copyrights, adjacent rights, and intellectual property rights of this product belong to the right holder. The right holder reserves the right to exercise any other rights that may arise. The right holder reserves the right to prohibit or restrict the user from using this product.

Article 5: (Disclaimer)

This product is provided in its current form, and the right holder and its stakeholders make no warranty as to the quality, performance, merchantability, or suitability of this product for any particular application.

The right holder and its related parties shall not be liable for any damages, loss of profits, or harm to third parties, which may have been caused by the user in using this product.

Article 6: (Change of contract)


The right holder may change or abolish the provisions of this agreement without prior notice to the user. The changed or abolished rules become effective when the right holder discloses them via the Internet.