Sai is a bright and cheerful person, though he is a bit slow when it comes to hard subjects like mathematics (he is very adamant that "math is difficult!"). His favorite things to eat are smoked salmon and rice balls. His personal quote is: "If you cannot beat it, can you stop and reconsider?"

Age:Appears 15

Festival ver

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Sae is initially very timid, but she becomes more expressive and passionate when she sings. Besides music, she loves the rain and dressing up. Her favorite food is cupcakes, but she generally likes any sweets. She dislikes being alone.

Her general design is based on the iPod nano 6th gen.

Her personal quote is: "I hope you like this – it's only for you, so I will stick around!"

Age:Appears 15

3 Sizes:B73 W55 H78

Mackne Sae Harmonize logo.png
Sae Harmonize.png
Harmonize ver


Kioshi is a responsible girl that fills the role of the strict older sister. She likes candy, "moe things", and a wide array of colors. She dislikes cobwebs and fish. Her favorite hobby is spending time with her younger sister, Neneki. Her personal quote is: "What should I make for dinner tonight?"

Age :Appears 19

3 Sizes:B86 W65 H91

Mackne Kioshi logo.png
nX ver


Kyou is the eldest of the four siblings, and he is the doting father of Sai and Sae. He was a very young father who held them at the age of 19. His favorite food is umeboshi. His personal quote is: “Sai, Sae, it's time for breakfast.”

Age:Appears 25

tX ver


Being the youngest in the Mackne family, Neneki is a lively and healthy girl. She has her own little garden that she keeps all to herself. She likes to go out and play, and her favorite thing to eat are mints. She dislikes getting in trouble. Her personal quote is: "Look! Look! I made mom and dad a present!"



3 Sizes:B59 W57 H63

shX ver


Mama is the head of the family; everyone calls her "Mama", even though her real name is Momo. Although she used to be a real party girl back in the day, now she spends every minute loving and caring for her family. She likes spending time with her family and daydreaming; she dislikes lying and seeing her children and grandchildren upset. Her personal quote is: "If you continue to eat all of those sweets, you'll get love handles~"


Age:Appears 35

3 Sizes:B87 W67 H91

7X ver


Momo is the younger version of Mama. She is a party girl that also becomes a magical girl, thanks to a mysterious brooch bestowed on her by a creature named Chardonnay. In this state, she becomes Mystic☆Wonder Momo-san, and she has four additional forms based on the four seasons. She likes daydreaming and partying. She dislikes lying.
(CV :???)


3 Size:B82 W66 H91



Naga is the father and grandfather of the Mackne family, although he hardly around. Since he grew estranged from Mama, he only comes around to visit his children – especially his youngest, Neneki – and his grandchildren. He is a hatmaker, responsible for making everyone's hats (although not all of them wear them), but he a showman at heart, and he still dreams of performing on stage to a sold-out crowd. His favorite thing to eat is dark chocolate nuts. He likes broadway and flirting with beautiful women. He dislikes being held back.

His general design is based on the iPod classic.

His personal quote is: "I need to think of a design for a new hat..."



Mackne Naga CX.png
CX ver


Mimi is a very kind person, known to return kindness to other people. She is extremely grateful for her family. She likes to eat plums. Her favorite color is violet. She dislikes prunes, the color brown, and the thought of being abandoned. Her personal quote is: "Please and thank you."

Age:Appears 19

3 Sizes:B85 W66 H87

Mackne Mimi AX Logo.png
Mackne Mimi AX Dark Mode edit.png
AX ver 2



Unrelated to the family, Reko is Naga's personal secretary. She likes "accounting" and doing her "very best" at her job.

Her personal quote is: "How did we spend so much money on candy last month?!"
Similarly, her sister, Ruko, is the family's secretary. Though she was originally just Naga's secretary, she constantly scolded him and her sister for fooling around, so Naga sent her to assist Mama, and by extension, the rest of the family.



3 Sizes:B78 W61 H86 (Reko) B80 W61 H85 (Ruko)

Reko Ruko logo.png


The Wewe sisters are distant cousins of Mackne Mama, but the main family tends to keep away from them, as they give off a creepy vibe. Not much is known about them, but it is rumored that they are also from the future, like Ryoma.

Age:19 (Blue & Purple)
Height:169cm(Blue & Purple)

3 Sizes: B88 W55 H93 (Blue) B91 W55 H95 (Purple)

Wewe Blue


Ryoma is Mackne Kioshi's son from the future.


8X ver
Mackne Gogo logo.png

Gogo is the black sheep of the Mackne family, but she is accepted only because she is the mother of Kyou's children, Sai and Sae. Her personal quote is: "Why am I harboring unpleasant feelings?"


Age:Appears 27

3 Size:B80 W61 H80