Part 1: Changes from the past

[ FAQ ] 2017/10

Thank you for visiting Mack In this corner, we will introduce tips, FAQs, tricks, support information, and spill stories etc. about how to use Mac sound artist in an irregular series.

First of all, let me introduce the points that have just been released, which have changed significantly from the previous Mack音’s. Basically it is Apple Loops (AIFF containing tempo and key information) as before, but the handling of the beginning position of the waveform has been changed.

In this way, a blank space for one quarter note has been added before the original sound start position.


This is due to the fact that the consonant utterance has begun before it is felt that the pronunciation has actually started. If you try to force the start to the beginning of the waveform as in the past, this method avoids the problem of consonants being cut off or the sound being delayed even when placed in the just position. I decided to do it.

For example, in the case of software that can read the tempo information of a waveform, such as GarageBand, place one quarter note earlier than the position where you want to actually sound. This has been adjusted to get just the right time.



Note that this method presupposes the use of multiple tracks because the previous sound and the waveform overlap. There is a feeling that the hurdle has risen slightly for beginners, but please understand that it's quite easy.



All waveforms have a tempo setting of 120 so that it can be used easily even with software that cannot acquire the tempo information of the waveform. In other words, one quarter note from the beginning position = "0.5 seconds" is the sounding start position. Of course, depending on the song, you may want to play the song or click on it. In that case, please adjust freely.