Mackne Family Usage Guidelines

This page introduces the guidelines for using each product and character of Mack Family.


■ About personal use (music composition, secondary creation, doujin activities, etc.)

→ No permission is required

* Please contact us in advance if the content can be received as if it is used by a game application or a character other than the corresponding character is playing.

■ About use by corporations and organizations

→No license is required in the following cases.

  • Use of audio data collection of Mack sounders such as music.

  • Specify that the UTAU is used in a song, such as 「歌:マックネサイ」or「feat.Mack音サイ」.

→ Please contact us in advance if any of the following applies.

  • For commercial planning and the character is the main content, such as "Mackne Family Complete Works".

  • Anything that is not included in the above license-free case.