privacy policy

Collection and use of personal information


Personal information refers to data that can be used to identify an individual or to contact a specific individual.

In using this site, the Mackne Family Production Committee may collect and use personal information based on this Privacy Policy. In addition, information obtained from personal information may be used in the form of statistical data for the purpose of developing and improving products, services, and content.


Types of personal information collected


We collect information such as your name and e-mail address when you make purchases at our store. In addition, store order information is temporarily collected as browser cookies and server session data.


Disclosure to third parties


In providing the services on this site, the Mackne Family Production Committee may provide certain personal information to relevant partner companies. However, we do not share personal information for the purpose of promoting or selling third parties.


About third party sites and services


This site may provide links to third-party websites, services, etc. For personal information collected by services provided by third parties, see the privacy policy of the site.


Inquiry, correction and deletion of personal information


For inquiries, corrections, and deletions of the personal information collected and collected as data on this site, a prescribed format is prepared. If you are unsure, please contact us.


This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time. The latest privacy policy will be posted on this site.